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Past Layouts

Version: 3.0
Name: Friends & Lovers
Series: Hanamuko-san
Credits Image: Forever More Gallery
Comments: This layout had been the longest one to survive mainly due my laziness to make a new one…
Besides, I really liked this layout.



Version: 2.0
Name: Wait For Me
Series: Viewfinder
Credits Image: Yamane Ayano Community
Comments: After my first layout I improved and learned a lot from my mistakes of do’s and dont’s. This layout wasn’t supposed to be left aligned, but somehow it turned out that way^^;



Version: 1.0
Name: Aftersex
Series: Gakuen Heaven
Credits Image: Forever More Gallery
Comments: My first layout ever made and boy it was crappy. I’ve made sooo many mistakes*_* I was still learning HTML so obviously I wasn’t able to create a good layout.

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