Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Blissful Sin about?
A: Blissful Sin is a non-profit Boys’ Love scanlation group. Bringing you unlicensed high quality shounen-ai/yaoi manga scanlations.

Q: Where can I download your releases?
A: All of our releases are available for download here. Head over to the project pages to download them.

Q: Can I help you?
A: Of course. You can help us by joining the staff so we can release the projects faster. Click here for more info. Or you can make a donation to support us.

Q: Are you available for joints?
A: Yes. We’re always open for joint projects. Just email us to work out the details.

Q: Can we exchange affiliates?
A: (This is closed for now.) Sure, if you keep yourself to the following rules, you can email us at

  • Your website can not contain any hentai or pornography related stuff. Of course BL related things is okay.
  • You must update regularly.

Q: Can I share/host your projects on my website/forum/lj/communities/etc.?
A: (This is closed for now.) You have to ask us for permission first before you’re starting to share/host our projects. If permission is given please keep yourself to the following rules:

  • Do not change the filename, remove the creditspage or alter anything from the original zipfile.
  • You must credit and link back to us.
  • Do not host chapters of a licensed project.
  • Do not post our new releases within 3 days of waiting period.
  • Do not direct/hotlink our files (this includes the mirror sites). Upload the files on your own server or hosting sites like Mediafire and Sendspace.

Q: Can I translate [insert title here] into a different language?
A: Please ask us first if you want to rescanlate our projects. Respect our decision if we say no.

Note: As of March 27, 2009, we have added a few more rules in addition to the old ones.
All requestors must abide by our terms first before emailing us the form.
Why so much rules? We found out that a few groups have abused it by ie. no proper credits have been given, our watermarks removed, having a project giving to them but haven’t started on it for over half a year, etc.

For the list of approved requests, please check here.

Our terms:

  • We only give permission to one group (unless it’s a joint) per manga per language. First come, first serve.
  • No requesting/claiming a title until a chapter of that project has been released.
  • Only request a project if you plan to start it within the next two months.
  • Include our original credits page in your file.
  • Do NOT remove our watermarks.
  • Link back to our website from the project page that uses our scans/translations.
  • Do not ask us for High Quality/RAW scans. Please support the mangaka by buying the book. You can only use our released scans to re-edit them.If you agree to our terms above, then copy the form below, fill in the requested info and send it to us.

Group’s Name:
Group’s Website:
Project Title:
Your Language:
Additional Info:

*Please state here whether you want to use our scans only, translations only or both.

Q: Where else can I download your files?
A: The following lj communities, forums and websites have our permission to share/host our files:

Q: Are there places where I can’t share you files?
A: Yes, there are:

Q: When is the next chapter of [insert title here] going to be released?
A: We don’t know. Asking us this question will get your comment/question deleted or ignored. We are spending our free time to provide you high quality scanlations. We don’t get paid. If you want faster releases you can help us by joining our staff.

Q: Can I suggest a possible project for you to scanlate?
A: (This suggestion is closed for now.) We’re too busy with our current and future projects to take up any more titles. We’ll make an announcement when we’re open for project suggestions.

Sure, but keep in mind that your suggestion will be declined if:

  • We don’t like it.
  • The title is licensed.
  • Another group is working on it.
  • We can’t get the scans for it.

Q: Can I use your scans for personal use, like making an avatar, layout, etc.?
A: Sure. No credits necessary, but would be nice.

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