Hana Sakasemashou

Title: Hana Sakasemashou
Alt.Title: Let the Flowers Bloom
Mangaka: Asou Mizuho

Genre: Shounen Ai, Historical, Drama
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Published in: Chara Comics
Length: 3 Chapters (end)

Scanlation Status: Complete



Summary: Yasukado and Yasutoki are twin brothers born as the heir and protector of their family’s feudal household. When an assassination attempt is made on Yasukado, Yasutoki must do all he can to protect his beloved brother and lord.

Volume 1
¤ Chapter 01 – Download
¤ Chapter 02 – Download
¤ Chapter 03 – Download

¤ Volume 01 (complete) – Download

  • SagaxKanon

    Thanks for sharing and translating this manga! This story is so tender and beautiful! I enjoyed reading the story a lot from the beginning to the very end! I was totally amazed by the drawings, they’re beautiful and the brotherly love between Yasukado & Yasutoki is really touching.

    I was really excited and I was near to cry when I read page 19 (chapter 1) and then page 62 at chapter 2 and then the end!! I couldn’t believe the author made it canon! I liked how the story was developed and how the author let the readers imagine, fill the holes and read between the lines :) . Thank you so much!

  • Jimmie

    Thank you so much! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

  • Junngerl

    thank you for sharing, all your mangas

  • I thought the mangaka dropped this one guess she finished it after all.
    Thank you!

  • KC

    sounds interesting…. thank u keep up the good work!