Itoshi no Hige Otome-chan

Title: Itoshi no Hige Otome-chan
Alt.Title: My Dear Bearded Maiden
Mangaka: SAKIRA

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Comedy
Publisher: Junet
Published in: Boys’ Pierce Kindan
Length: 2 Chapters (end)

Scanlation Status: Active

Note: Contains dub-con / non-con.


Summary: Single guy Soushi and divorcee Atsumu find themselves living together due to a mix-up by their landlady. Despite being complete strangers, they end up getting along, and soon Soushi realizes that he’s falling for Atsumu. But Atsumu seems to already be in a relationship…

Volume 1 | Read online here
¤ Chapter 01 – Download
¤ Chapter 02 – Download

¤ Chapters 1-2 (complete) – Download

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