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Please sent your application to myra[at] and we’ll send you a test. Please include the position you desired in your subject-line, how much time you have on hand and your previous experience in that position.


Note: We’re looking for magazine scanners for the works of Moegi Yuu, Madarame Hiro and SAKIRA (Drap, Lynx, Cheri+, Boys’ Pierce Kindan).

From time to time we’re looking for certain magazine issues. Please check the update post on the website on what we need.

  • Scans must be in Japanese.
  • Able to scan at 300 DPI or higher.
  • Able to debind your book or flatten as much as possible.
  • Make sure your manga isn’t licensed or already being scanlated by another group or listed on their future list.

Japanese & Chinese Translators

Note: We’re now seeking translators for the works of Moegi Yuu, Madarame Hiro, SAKIRA and Shingeki no Kyojin doujinshis.

We’ve got a lot of raws for you to choose from (especially japanese). As a Translator, you need to translate the manga from Japanese/Chinese into proper English.

  • No previous experience needed.
  • Able to complete a chapter in 1-2.5 weeks.
  • Able to translate SFX (sound effects).
  • Have to write it in a easy format to read, like notepad or microsoft word.

Japanese & English Proofreaders


We are looking for native English speakers and insist that you have an extensive vocabulary and an understanding of punctuation and format. It is important that you can confidently change translations into grammatically correct, contextualized dialogue. Proofreading experience isn’t necessary, but those with or undertaking tertiary education in English language would be highly regarded.

Japanese proofreaders will be translating SFX, Japanese names and other things that the translator missed or had trouble translating.


Editors should have great skills in photoshop, they must be able to clean scans, clone out the SFX and texts, also able to re-draw damaged images, and add translations correctly. You will also be required to loosely proofread the translations for any errors while you edit, just in case the translators or proofreaders have missed anything.

  • Must have good knowledge with photoshop.
  • Must be able to use the clone tool correctly.
  • Edit as much SFX as possible. Large or complicated ones can be subtitled.
  • Must know some proper english. Knowing Japanese is big a plus.
  • Can also apply for cleaner only.  *closed atm*

Quality Checkers


After editing, the quality checker does a final check before the manga is being released. You must have an eye for detail to pick out mistypings, bad cloning, remaining gutter shadow/dirt on scans, over-underleveling, text not in the middle of the speech bubble etc. Must be fluent in english and have basic knowledge of photoshop and editing.

Graphic Designers


Must be good with graphic softwares and able to create beautiful graphics. Your job is to make credits pages and other inserts for our releases.

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