Koishii Akuma

Title: Koishii Akuma
Alt.Title: Lovely Demon/Devil
Mangaka: Madarame Hiro

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy
Publisher: Gentousha
Published in: Comic Magazine LYNX
ISBN Vol.01: 978-4-344-82683-0
Length: 1 Volume (end)

Scanlation Status: Active

Note: Sequel to Akuma wa Hohoemu.


Summary: Despite his best efforts, Akiyoshi Tooru has fallen for the very beautiful but sadistic and perverted demon, Naruse Fuuta. Not only do they attend the same university, they’re now living together! Though Akiyoshi has always tried to be careful about their night life, he never expected Naruse to stop touching him altogether, and then all of a sudden, Naruse is in an accident and reverts to his adolescent self!

Volume 1 | Read online here
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¤ Chapter 02 – Download
¤ Chapter 03 – Download
¤ Chapter 04 -
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¤ Chapter 07 – Download
¤ Chapter 08 – Download *

*= Chapter 8 was released as a special here: Scarlet Drama CD Special.

  • Maya1109

    Love it so far! :) When will chapter 4, 5 and 6 be post? I’ve only found raws so far :(

  • kay_i

    akiyoshi ♥
    i love how naruse always bully him X﹏X

  • BabayBunny .

    YESSSS!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I love it when I get to read the whole set *hugs*

  • MichelleLL

    I’m so excited to know what will happen next! Thank you for chapter 3! Looking forward to chapter 4! ^_^_^

  • KiraIqa89

    I just love the Akuma series of this manga!! Thank you so much for the great work guys! I can’t wait to read more of them! d(*v*)b

  • Realist

    Thank you so much for chapter 3!! I need to stay more alert for the releases..

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    Thank you! Just can’t wait to read more about a favorite pair.

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    OMG!!!! Thank you sooooo Very much for doing this series. Love you guys!!!!

  • Ose_93

    @Crissa: Chapter 3 was only released two months ago. They wouldn’t have all of those done in that time unless it was the only thing they were working on. But they do scanlate other manga. Scanlating also takes a lot of work, so we just need to be patient and wait for the rest.

    I know it’s hard since we really want to know what happens. ;D

  • Crissa

    um..I have a question xD why aren’t ch 4 5 and 6 released yet?

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything just wondering if anyone knows something

    • http://JoyfullJuneBugg.livejournal.com/ JoyfullJuneBug

      I was wondering the same thing. I thought this manga was finished…

  • Cherry

    Thank you for the update!