Nii-chan, Icchatte!

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Title: Nii-chan, Icchatte!
Alt.Title: Nii-chan, say it!
Mangaka: Asou Mizuho

Genre: Shounen Ai, Comedy, School Life
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Published in: Chara Comics
ISBN: 978-4-19-960409-6
Length: 1 Volume (end)

Scanlation Status: Complete



Summary: Yuuta lives together with his two step-brothers, Tomoaki and Takayuki. But their life together is far from a quiet one. So what happens when Yuuta gets angry one day because Takayuki won’t stop sticking to him? And how is Tomoaki involved in it? A story about a not so innocent brotherly love!

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Volume 1 | Read online here
¤ Chapter 01 – Download
¤ Chapter 02 – Download
¤ Chapter 03 – Download
¤ Chapter 04 – Download

¤ Volume 01 (complete) – Download

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