Future projects list.
If any other groups are working on one of these mangas, please contact us to avoid duplicated works.

Recent Changes:
[Aug 30th] updates


Title: Endorphin Machine
Mangaka: Inoue Satou

Status: qcing / editing



Title: Focus
Mangaka: Kijima Hyougo

Status:  qcing / editing



Title: Hatsukoi Enagic Lotion
Mangaka: Kijima Hyougo

Status: to be scanned



Title: Kouhai ga Saikyou
Mangaka: Kijima Hyougo

Status: to be scanned



Title: Mononofu!
Mangaka: Kuku Hayate

Status: ch1-2 editing / need transer for ch3+



Doujinshi future list


SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN (Eruri)  *Need editors!*
兵長が霍乱しました。 status: scanned
リヴァイが小さくなった日 status: proofed
かまってへいちょ! status: scanned
どうきょのおきて status: scanned
うちのねこ status: proofed
進撃の小人 status: editing
こっち向いて先生 status: proofed
ともだちのともだちはともだち status: proofed
満たされる身体。 status: to be scanned
あいをこめてひとしずく status: qcing
内緒にしよう! status: proofed
夢物語の一雫 status: scanning

  • Jeckel Cross H

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
    Nani ka Ii no Mitsuketa of Hinako-sensei

  • Time Walker K

    OMG YATAMOMO!!! A truly brilliant work done by my Godness Harada. Love this one sooo much! I couldn’t get it out of my mind for a couple of weeks after reading. Just hit right through the heart. Ugh. Glad to see it on the future list! This’s just amazing! thank you so much!

  • tny

    Do you think you can accept help for just two months? XD I am studyibg medicine but i guess I can clean several eruri doujinshi during holidays… might be even edit (but my specialty is cleaning). I am gonna sent an email asap in case you cannot reply here :)

  • Nikky Convair

    looking forward to more of kami-sama no lutoori im so inlove with that manga cant wait for ch 5 so excited for this manga love the plot of the story the most

  • sarulichi

    smells like green spirit !!! please

  • Mary

    Excuse me, is there any possibility for joining as cleaner and might be even editor but just for eruri? XD I am so crazy for it. I am really sorry for asking but after reading your list XD wooooah…. I am studying medicine so i will be short of time but can work a little probably? dunno… i am just so… XD pushing myself may be but… wosh! Love eruri XD and NEED to ask XD

  • kazameltis

    Can you please do more Hazuki Tsuyako works https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=3657

    I really love her art and plots. Thank you for “Follow” btw. So I hope you will add more of her work in the future.

  • subarito

    smell like green spirit! please work on it, is a really good manga

  • Mary

    The hell… you have got tons of doujinshi of shingeki no kyojin o__o i wonder which of those are Eruri…. whatvs, i am definitely keeping on with updates. I would love help cleaning or editing (I work with Utopia -by Meian-) but I started medicine and now it’s impossible -____- right now i am using my time of sleeping for reading doujinshi so…. well….